MacroPlan is Australia’s first choice when seeking solutions which add value to important property, planning and economic development projects. Our national team of dedicated, award winning professionals provide economic analysis, strategic and statutory planning, in-depth research and specialised advisory services to all property sectors.

  • Research

    Utilising MacroPlan’s 30+ year databases, linked to our GIS capabilities, MacroPlan Dimasi can assist you with your property market research.

  • Economics

    Our experienced team of senior economists, consultants and analysts utilise the latest information, technology and statistical applications to bring you the most accurate economic analysis.

  • Planning

    MacroPlan has a thorough understanding of planning policies and an appreciation of planning systems nation-wide.  Our planning consultants are experts in handling rezoning and development applications throughout the approval process.

  • Spatial Analysis

    Using our Geographic Information Systems we can produce strategic network mapping and gap analysis,  trade area mapping and geocoding of customer data, drive-time mapping and analysis, to name a few.

  • Advisory

    We offer a suite of commercial and strategic advisory services tailored to your needs. We have a focus on supporting timely and effective commercial outcomes for our clients.

Recent Projects

We're proud to showcase our latest projects, demonstrating the variety of work that we are capable of achieving for our clients.

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Wollongong’s Demographic Opportunity – Development Spotlight

MacroPlan’s national team actively monitor property development trends. The below article looks at Wollongong, New South Wales, specifically focusing on the student market. The University of Wollongong (UOW) became an independent institution in 1975 and is key demographic driver for the region. Despite having the second lowest enrolment levels of the State in 2001, enrolment […]

Destructive Cities by Brian Haratsis – Key Principles

Destructive Cities focuses on understanding the evolution of the services sector, identifying the difference between population-driven services and export driven services and identifying emerging service industries. As a collective the sector is radically changing the structure of cities4. Destructive Cities explores the degree of ‘tradability’ or ‘stickiness’ of services and assesses the importance of embedded services in manufacturing and mining […]