MacroPlan is Australia’s first choice when seeking solutions which add value to important property, planning and economic development projects. Our national team of dedicated, award winning professionals provide economic analysis, strategic and statutory planning, in-depth research and specialised advisory services to all property sectors.

  • Research

    Utilising MacroPlan’s 30+ year databases, linked to our GIS capabilities, MacroPlan Dimasi can assist you with your property market research.

  • Economics

    Our experienced team of senior economists, consultants and analysts utilise the latest information, technology and statistical applications to bring you the most accurate economic analysis.

  • Planning

    MacroPlan has a thorough understanding of planning policies and an appreciation of planning systems nation-wide.  Our planning consultants are experts in handling rezoning and development applications throughout the approval process.

  • Spatial Analysis

    Using our Geographic Information Systems we can produce strategic network mapping and gap analysis,  trade area mapping and geocoding of customer data, drive-time mapping and analysis, to name a few.

  • Advisory

    We offer a suite of commercial and strategic advisory services tailored to your needs. We have a focus on supporting timely and effective commercial outcomes for our clients.

Recent Projects

We're proud to showcase our latest projects, demonstrating the variety of work that we are capable of achieving for our clients.

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Another leg of A$ depreciation to spin property clock

A last policy strut… Australian Government economic policy has reached an end game of sorts. Federal fiscal policy is being tightened, as efforts to preserve our credit ratings hold back the aspirations to kick-start much needed infrastructure spending. Monetary policy has had to do most of the work in sustaining economic activity, to the point […]

Planning for Emerald City begins in earnest

MacroPlan’s General Manager NSW, Wayne Gersbach, provides insight into the content and context of the recently published District Plans for Sydney. Sydney’s long awaited Draft District Plans (six in all) have been released for public comment. They will remain on exhibition until the end of March 2017. The plans are accompanied by a Draft Amendment […]