Daniel Parker

General Manager – Gold Coast
E: parker@macroplan.com.au
P: 07 3221 8166

Daniel Parker is MacroPlan’s General Manager – Gold Coast.  Daniel joined MacroPlan in 2010 and has been directly involved in urban economic analysis and strategic economic planning for the past ten years. Daniel’s experience and expertise lie in defining and analysing key economic relationships, inputs and outputs relevant to a specific development or region. Daniel takes a holistic approach to strategic economics, economic planning and analysis and this “real world” grounding has influenced the conceptual planning of large scale developments as well as regional strategies throughout Australia.

Daniel’s experience gained across all major development sectors allows him to identify and understand the underlying economic drivers, impacts and interrelations that influence the development outcome of projects.  Daniel specialises in economic market analysis and forecasting, strategic economic planning, need and impact analysis, economic modelling, input-output modelling and employment modelling and planning.  As the General Manager – Gold Coast, Daniel can provide significant local knowledge, exceptional project management skills and strategic input to give a project direction and achieve an optimal outcome.