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April E-News

Message from the CEO

It feels like the coming month is all about being on the move. While our Chairman, Brian Haratsis and I take to the skies and travel around the country, there are also a number of major national and international conferences focusing on the dynamic theme of transportation. First ‘cab off the rank’ is the Australian Road Research Board conference in Brisbane.  Billed as ‘next generation connectivity’, the conference will bring together world-leading experts to discuss innovations and technologies for maximising the economic and social benefits of road infrastructure.  Brian – MacroPlan’s own mobility and infrastructure expert – will be there taking part in one of the panel discussions.

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Multi-billion dollar upgrade for Brisbane City

As the capital of the Sunshine State Brisbane is blessed with idyllic subtropical weather all year round.  Add to this, massive growth in Brisbane’s CBD, brought on by major developments across the city, will almost completely transform and modernise the Queensland capital by 2022. Given the scale of the approved, proposed and projects already under construction, it is abundantly clear that Brisbane in 2022 would be a very different city to the one seen today. Brisbane Marketing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Brisbane City Council and is the city’s official economic development board.

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We need a land futures market: How to cut lot prices

Land prices in Sydney and Melbourne are 30 per cent higher than they should be, driven by zoning and planning regulatory frameworks which create monopolistic outcomes, state government taxes and levies, inefficient infrastructure investment and historically high levels of dwelling demand. Recent reports have suggested that the supply of housing has begun to meet demand and thus prices will stabilise for the long term. These reports are thinking about the problem the wrong way. With constrained supply and increasing demand, working to increase supply would treat short-term symptoms of the problems in the land market but it is not the cure.

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‘Fast Five’ with Dino Raftopulos – Project Manager

Dino is a highly proficient project manager with a significant breadth of experience in the property and construction industry. Having worked for a tier 1 contractor in Leighton Contractors (CPB) and also corporate real estate consultancy ‘JLL Corporate Solutions, Dino can confidently deliver technical projects from business case development, through to completion. His attention to detail is complemented by his background in architecture and design which forms the foundation for his awareness of the broad nature of stakeholders in each project.

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Autropolis video series: Will Automated Vehicles reduce jobs and investment in Australia?

The Australian Housing Market Cycle – What’s next?

Over the past few months we have seen an increase in the number of articles and commentary discussing a weakening in Australia’s housing market.  There was one article in particular, published by the Business Insider in early April which resulted in several interesting water-cooler discussions around our office. As a research house, we are regularly asked to share our thoughts on current market movements, and one question put to us recently is; after what has been a prolonged period of strength, will the Australian housing market take a nose-dive?

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