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August E-News

Message from the CEO

Last week the NSW government released plans for what promises to be one of the largest and most exciting Infrastructure projects in Australia. The Western Sydney Aerotropolis Plan offers a smart, co-ordinated approach to maximise the benefits of the major infrastructure spend on the western Sydney airport.

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MacroPlan Retail Series: Seeking and understanding data

It can be argued that the retail environment is changing at faster pace than ever before.  The implications to physical property will be very significant.  Over the next few months, MacroPlan will unpack five key trends that will impact the future of the retail property sector. For this month’s trend we talk about the increasing movement of retail property owners better understanding the market place through quality data.

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Identifying new property hotspots

New property hotspots are emerging throughout the fabric of the property industry including co-working spaces, last mile delivery solutions, freight and logistics and tourism powered by Airbnb. These hotspots are part of the platform revolution impacting cities. The well-publicised FANG (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, Google) platforms have been joined by a myriad of others including Alibaba, Uber, Snapchat, WeChat, LinkedIn, Bitcoin, Youtube, Airbnb and Trip Advisor to name a small selection.

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‘Fast Five’ with Bruce van Niekerk – General Manager Projects, Operations & Innovation

Bruce’s career has spanned the financial services sector, not for profit, construction and development sectors including roles in business development and operational management. Passionate about the hospitality, retirement and retail asset classes, Bruce has been instrumental in creating development opportunities for developers, tenants and operators alike; helping clients develop partnerships which build their portfolios and ultimately add value to their business.

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The New North: Will ScoMo’s plan to build Australia work or should we damn the dams?

Australia is the driest continent on Earth – or so they say. Certainly, aside from Antarctica, it receives the least rainfall. It reminds me of a time when travelling this ‘wide, brown land’ an American uncle of mine queried a local member of the CFA as to why he was hanging around inside on such a hot dry day – weren’t there fires to put out?

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Driverless cars ‘to drive jobs by 2025’

The critical transition period for employment and growth in the driverless vehicle industry in Australia will come in 2025 when more than 900 direct jobs will have been created, a new ­industry-commissioned report has found. The report by consultants ­MacroPlan Dimasi confirmed Australia remained well placed to be a global supplier and implementer of driverless vehicles, and the nation could expect new ­mobility-service value chains to emerge.

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