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Student housing

Student numbers in Australia continue to rise quickly and this growth has been driven by international students who have high levels of affordability and see themselves as having fewer options for location. By contrast, over the past five years, domestic student numbers have stabilised and, in some institutions, have even started to drop. At Macroplan, […]

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Retirement Living

The concept of retirement living in Australia is poorly understood.  This is partly because the legislation surrounding property developments in this industry is so complex.  And it is also because of the confusion arising from the ever-changing rules in relation to superannuation and the age pension. It’s important to talk about what the retirement living […]

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Regional cities

Housing in the major capital cities is moving beyond the reach of first home buyers.  And at the other end of the life cycle, older people are finding that their greatest financial asset to fund retirement is often the family home.  These phenomena are creating some interesting push and pull factors driving Australia’s regional cities. […]

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Investing in regional Australia

As housing markets in regional Australia have increasingly turned negative, people have become reluctant to invest in areas outside the metropolitan capitals.  But there are good property investments further afield; it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. Historically, investment in regional Australia has occurred either with increases in local population or strong […]

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Polycentric cities

One of the utopian ideals for planners has been the polycentric city. Unlike the model we currently have in most places around the world where cities are made up of one large CBD with satellite suburbs fanning out.  A polycentric city would have a number of similar sized centres, each offering the full range of […]

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Manufactured housing estates

Not so long ago, retirees looking to sell up the family home and move into a retirement living facility, may have faced a stark contrast in their options.  On the one hand, a traditional retirement village complex consisting of well-appointed, bricks and mortar buildings.  On the other, a caravan park. In terms of amenity, it’s […]

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Going places

With more and more people choosing to fly, and airport traffic around the country on the increase, we can tell you that airports present a great opportunity for long-term investment. One of the main features of airports is that public transport systems are built to connect them with the CBD.  This is because public transport […]