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Industrial Planning – Connecting with Asia

Joel Taylor General Manager – Business Development MacroPlan As a property sector, we tend to think of industrial activity in a local context only. As we move from our traditional manufacturing base, however, to a country that now imports most of its manufactured goods and which shops globally, we need to understand and plan for […]


Information overload …?

Ever visited the Australian Bureau of Statistics website? Wonderful isn’t it … well, at least for the initiated. In the first of our series about the relevance of data, we explore the spatial hierarchy of available ABS data that underpins many of the research projects undertaken by MacroPlan. The layers of information are intriguing – […]


Cyclical is the new normal in the west

MacroPlan’s office in Western Australia is building for the next round of investment opportunities across the two and a half million square kilometres that make up the state. Western Australia is a global state with its fortunes firmly based on what is happening in the rest of the world.  The massive investments in the state’s […]


Brian Haratsis appointed to Planning Authority board to drive delivery of city plan

An expanded Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) board with a wealth of development, economic and governance expertise was appointed earlier this financial year to guide the body’s governance and strategy, ensuring it effectively manages Melbourne’s growth to 2050. Planning Minister Matthew Guy announced the appointment of MacroPlan’s Executive Chairman, Brian Haratsis as well as Laurinda Gardner, Freya Marsden […]


Sydney’s housing activity – FY2014 in perspective

Recent Metropolitan Development Program (MDP) publications issued by the NSW Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) provide a few interesting observations about Sydney’s housing trends. Firstly, based on the available 2013/2014 FY data, there has been a notable rise in the number of dwelling approvals issued for the Sydney metropolitan area, compared to previous years. Sydney […]


Integrated Economic Triangle for Melbourne

Plan Melbourne, the Victorian State Government’s Metropolitan Planning Strategy, was finalised in May this year. The Plan aims to guide the city’s growth over the next 40 years. A fundamental part of the strategy is its recognition of the interdependence between land use and transport. At the heart of the Plan is the delineation of […]


Why South Australia?

Nathan Paine General Manager – SA MacroPlan South Australians are fond of saying that we are the nation’s best kept secret. The reality is that the state fails to sell the message of what the State has to offer beyond its own borders. The consequence is that most people think Adelaide is a quiet and […]


A new way to work with the NSW Government: Innovation Initiative

The Premier of NSW, the Hon Mike Baird MLA, has announced an Innovation Initiative designed to encourage ideas from outside government through a competitive selection process. The Government is seeking proposals in the following four areas: Social housing assets: using innovative financing solutions to assist with the replenishment of the public housing portfolio. Open data: […]


Trusty Business

How to reduce business risk through trusting relationships. Business worth doing doesn’t come without risk and one of the biggest risks of business is trust. So how does MacroPlan develop and maintain client trust? Trust is not something that should be implied in business and definitely not upheld through contractual means. MacroPlan believes it is […]


More retail floorspace or less?

Shopping Centre News Vol 32, Number 3, July 2014 Like me, you have probably read thought pieces and seen many assessments in recent years about the store of the future and the retail landscape of the future. Indeed, I have written one or two myself. While not even the most pessimistic commentators predicted the complete […]