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September hero

September E-News

Message from the CEO As we head into grand final weekend, it should be noted that this month MacroPlan has tackled some of the property industry’s big issues.  Throughout September, our attention has been focused on; addressing the supply argument and Sydney’s housing market, understanding the next business cycle, identifying how the health sector is driving new development […]


August Message from Michael Tilt, CEO

As August draws to a close, Spring is finally in the air! For Sydney-siders, the mark of the new season’s approach is the starter’s gun in the City-to-Surf, and that race was run just a fortnight ago. Meanwhile, Macroplan is doing its own larger circuit around the country, giving presentations on the newly released Census […]

DA Tracker

MacroPlan’s Development Application Tracker

MacroPlan Dimasi’s national team actively monitor property development trends. For this edition of e-news, we look at the South-East Queensland market, specifically tracking ‘multiple dwelling’ applications in Brisbane City. Multiple dwellings under the Brisbane City Plan 2014 include apartments, flats, units, townhouses and row housing, but exclude duplexes. Interestingly, the supply pipeline of apartments (multiple […]


Christchurch….five years on

In September 2010 and February 2011, Christchurch was struck by two powerful earthquakes, the latter which significantly destroyed parts the city, in particular the city centre. In the months following the 2011 quake the New Zealand Government and the Christchurch City Council (CCC) formed the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) – which is set to […]


Housing Prices and Financial Stability: The recession we do not need to have

Rising house prices in Australia are commonly associated with good economic times for all, especially home owners. The apparent housing price ‘bubble’ risks in Australia in 2014 have been taken far too lightly and the current chorus of nervousness from the RBA, Treasury, the Murray Financial Inquiry and APRA bear heavy consideration. First, the RBA […]