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New land and house projects

The smell of a new house and land project may have the scent of investment success, but be warned.  Not all greenfield developments deliver the same outcome. Macroplan research suggests that a deep knowledge of future land supply in the area, the location’s particular attributes, and the likely future purchasers or occupants, can drive much […]

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Affordable housing

There has been much talk of late about the need to provide affordable housing.  However, as far as we can see, affordable housing will remain a pipe dream unless there are significant policy changes at all levels of government. There are three elements to be addressed in achieving housing affordability.  Firstly, the cost of new […]

Stand-alone housing perks up

Stand-alone house approvals jump 10% in a year – MacroPlan in the press

Australian Financial Review Michael Bleby Tuesday, 4 February 2014 A 10 per cent jump in approvals of detached houses in the last calendar year shows that growth is returning to house building after a subdued decade. Stand-alone houses, not apartments, account for about two-thirds of total housing approvals and are a crucial indicator of underlying market […]


Affordable housing inquiry has wide-ranging remit

Prepared by Stuart McKnight, General Manager for Western Australia: THE Senate Economics References Committee has commenced an inquiry into affordable housing that has a wide-ranging terms of reference relevant to developers, builders, not-for-profit organisations, aged care providers and property investors. Issues to be investigated include land supply, home ownership, property investment, taxation, negative gearing, National Rental […]

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Canny homebuyers on top of the world – MacroPlan in the press

Greg Brown from the Australian writes: LOCAL economic circumstances will drive the best and worst property growth across the country this year, with improved prospects for gas pushing up prices in Queeensland’s Toowoomba and car industry job losses sending prices sliding in the Adelaide suburb of Kilburn. Forecasts by property consultancy firms MacroPlan and Australian […]

It’s Boom Time: Huge clearance rates tipped to make super Saturday in Sydney the best yet

Tim McIntyre and Andrew Carswell from the Daily Telegraph write:  SYDNEY’S real estate market is on track for its biggest boom since the global financial crisis. Super Saturday auctions across Sydney today will deliver a huge win for property owners with economists forecasting a flurry of buying and selling over the next six-months. Across the […]

First home beyond reach

Greg Brown from the Australian writes: THE dream of buying a home for the first time is slipping away in NSW and Queensland. Buyer numbers plummeted 44 per cent in NSW in the year to June and hit an all-time low in Queensland. In Western Australia, new buyers soared to 19,946 — the second highest […]