Emerging Retail Trends and Economic Drivers | Presentation by Tony Dimasi

The Property Council’s annual half day Retail Forum was held on Friday, 15 May and focused on the core issues for the sector.  MacroPlan Dimasi’s Managing Director for Retail – Tony Dimasi presented at the morning session, sharing with the audience his insights on Emerging Retail Trends and current economic drivers.

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Tony Dimasi
Managing Director – Retail
E: dimasi@macroplan.com.au

Tony Dimasi is MacroPlan’s Managing Director – Retail.  Since 1982 Tony has undertaken independent research on behalf of retailers, shopping centre owners and managers, property developers, government and statutory authorities, as well as a wide range of other clients. The research includes both supply and demand analysis, as well as extensive customer research, investigating customer behaviour, motivations and preferences with regard to shopping and activity centre uses. Tony has worked across all parts of Australia and New Zealand, and has provided advice in relation to virtually every significant activity centre location in both countries. The range of projects has included BD properties, super regional centres, regional and sub-regional centres, district and neighbourhood centres, homemaker retail facilities, freestanding stores, and all other retail formats, as well as commercial and industrial precincts. 
About MacroPlan:
MacroPlan’s experienced and qualified economists align their understanding of macro-economic forces with micro-economic variables such as geographic and industrial characteristics, demographics, labour market shifts, resource demand and commercial realities.  Contact Tony Dimasi, Managing Director – Retail today to discuss your property research requirements.

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