MapCloud – What is it and what does it do?

For someone like me who spends hours each day in transit, the idea of a driverless car is amazing – just think of all the ‘spare time’.  A digital PA?  I’ll take 2 please!

Amazon fresh food, artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural networks, augmented and virtual reality…the current generation of ‘entrepreneurs’ are problem-solving every element of my life.  It’s like an episode of Shark Tank…so why am I still so busy?

It’s something I ponder regularly.  MacroPlan strives to make the small jobs easier and the large jobs faster, to unchain our schedules from the day-to-day and create more time for our curiosity to explore opportunity.  For property professionals, we’ve done the hard yards to save you many late nights of real estate hunting, spatial planning and feasibility analysis.

At MacroPlan, we’ve developed an industry-leading solution for the property development industry.  MapCloud is our answer to the Melways in the 21st Century.  Sparked from direct engagement with developers and having been stunned to learn that most new clients have never owned a Melway (due to GPS), MapCloud provides near limitless data sharing potential mixed with MacroPlan’s 30 years of experience in economics, planning, spatial analysis and advisory services.

What is it and what does it do?

Put simply, MapCloud is MacroPlan’s answer to providing you with unprecedented access to our up-to-date property information, anywhere, anytime.

A clear and simple user interface presents visual data and analytic tools on your own handheld devices and PCs without having to or wait – for your internet connection, or the IT guy to help you.  MapCloud is fast, accessible and easy – so we’re not taking more time out of your day – we’re giving it back with so much more.

You can even customize and access MapCloud via our newly released app, available for iOS on the Apple Store and for Android on the Google Play Marketplace.

It’s an exciting time ahead, and we’re looking forward and to the future and sharing this journey with our clients.

To discuss how MapCloud can change your game, contract Joel Taylor (General Manager – Business Development) on (03) 9600 0500.

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