Destructive Cities

Rapid changes in technology combined with the growth of the services sector is forever changing the way Australian cities function. Much of our planning and economic development thinking, however, is based on obsolete ideas of urban development, employment, society and industry. Understanding how our very near future is going to forever change strategies for economic growth and turn urban planning on its head, is the subject of a new book by leading Australian futurist, strategic advisor and urban planner Brian Haratsis.

As Executive Chairman of MacroPlan, Brian leads the powerhouse national property research consultancy and is a highly sought after by governments and industry alike. His new book ‘Destructive Cities’ will refocus thinking from public sector led city renewal to private sector led economic and spatial transformation.

With a renewed Federal Government focus on cities as engines of productivity, there is no better time to understand why old planning and development ideas need to give way to the irresistible forces of the new economic model.



In this series of videos, Brian discusses why urban planning needs to be turned on its head, and shares his views on the new forces driving city growth and development.

Video one: Can you explain the idea of creative destruction?


Video two: What has been the impact of the Digital Revolution?


Video three: Can you explain the notion of agglomeration of services?


Video four: Can you explain why you’ve described the mining boom as something of a curse?


Video five: Why is the services sector important for Australia?


Video six: What are Australia’s key export services?


Video seven: Can you explain the role that governance and city planning have in ensuring that Australia reaps the maximum benefits of the technical services boom?


Video eight: Can you provide examples of smart policies for cities to support services?


Video nine: Who are the likely winners and losers in global servicisation?


Video ten: What is a ‘gateway city network’?


Video eleven: Your new book is subtitled ”A New Spatial Planning and Property Paradigm”. Can you explain that paradigm?


Video twelve: How do you suggest we bring together the Eastern Seaboard states to create a new spatial paradigm?


Video thirteen: Why is the global services sector boom the dominant economic and employment driver in Australia?


Video fourteen: How do we know the services boom won’t be a short-term phenomenon?


Video fifteen: What has been the major driver of the services boom?


Video sixteen: What does a vibrant and creative small and micro business sector look like and why do we need to encourage it?

About MacroPlan:

MacroPlan’s experienced and qualified economists align their understanding of macro-economic forces with micro-economic variables such as geographic and industrial characteristics, demographics, labour market shifts, resource demand and commercial realities.  Contact Brian Haratsis – Executive Chairman today to discuss your property research requirements.

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