Beyond the Fringe

Understanding, Planning and Profiting from Australia’s Property Markets in 2020.

City building is now a major driver of competitiveness for nations around the world. Australia needs to take this intergenerational opportunity to invent new ways to build cities to grow national wealth.

Welcome to Australia in 2013. The Country is on the eve of what promises to be one of the most radical periods of structural change in its history and the property sector is ground zero, yet despite the looming shadows of an ageing population, falling productivity, slow growth and the end of the resources supercycle, relatively few people are discussing solutions and gearing up to ride the waves of innovation beginning to swell offshore.

Beyond the Fringe looks to explore this reality by describing the major factors that are causing and will cause structural change in the next 15-20 years and their impacts on the property industry. This book identifies a slew of major issues both occurring and developing in Australia, discusses and suggests possible solutions to them, with the intention of opening the dialogue and enlightening the reader with an understanding of planning and profiting in Australia’s property markets in 2020.