Section 2: Planning and Infrastructure [Part 2 of 2]

Infrastructure investment is not treated favourably from a taxation perspective – public–private partnerships are non-existent outside of Victoria, and First Home Owner Grants (FHOG) often direct growth to the urban fringe by only applying to new dwellings.  For example, taxation policies which favour urban fringe expansion are diametrically opposed to restrictive land use planning settings, […]

Ageing population

Ageing population will influence housing demand

Australia’s ageing population will bring significant change in housing demand, both in terms of location and dwelling type. The availability of suitable, comfortable, affordable and accessible housing is important for older people, and will factor as a significant influence of demand from both retiring households and investors. Currently there are just over 3 million Australians […]


Section 2: Planning and Infrastructure [Part 1 of 2]

Planning in Australia is a critical value driver for property.  The process of zoning, development approval, private project construction, public infrastructure construction and urban renewal is generally poorly executed by the public sector and difficult to understand within the private sector.  Poor land use planning (including regulation, value capture and infrastructure coordination) emerged in the […]


Local government boundaries

Capital cities in 2014 and beyond need to have capacity to respond to the trends which are shaping the new global world.  The boundaries of existing local governments and communities have come out of eras where communication, technology, employment, transportation and residential land use patterns were very different. Any work undertaken around the review of […]


Understanding Property Cycles and Structural Change [Part 1 of 2]

Property cycles in Australia have been the key determinant of profitable property development.  Property cycles in Australia are an outcome of the small size of the Australian economy.  This means that Australia responds to global forces such as oil shocks or economic booms, rather than generating growth internally.  Interest rates are the primary federal government […]


Solid third quarter…

Increase in demand… So far this year we have seen the property industry grow in renewed confidence across a number of sectors.  This confidence has seen an increase in demand for our advisory services, with a key focus on managing and capitalising on the next cycle.  Our consulting teams are currently working on a variety […]


Beyond the Fringe: Introduction

Welcome to Australia in 2013.  The Country is on the eve of what promises to be one of the most radical periods of structural change in its history and the property sector is ground zero, yet despite the looming shadows of an ageing population, falling productivity, slow growth and the end of the resources supercycle, […]