Census 2016 – What does it tell us?

The Census gives us an in-depth look at the population profile from many angles – age, ethnicity, religion, household/family structure, education, travel/commuting, employment, income, and dwelling type and occupancy – and at many geographic levels, from national down to sub-local government areas. It’s a great resource for decision-making by policymakers and businesses. For those in […]

June message from Michael Tilt, CEO

As this newsletter marks the end of the financial year, I thought I’d reflect on the last 12 months and take a step back to look at the big picture. And it has been a big picture for Macroplan, with growth in both the amount and scope of our work. Our increase has been both […]

Where is Victoria’s next demand hotspot?

MacroPlan has developed a model that can predict where Victoria’s next demand hotspot will occur. We have analysed historical migration patterns in Melbourne’s growth corridors to understand the relationship between demand, land supply and price. The model forecasts why, where and when the next big demand front will occur by identifying price sensitive home buyers optimum […]

Amazon – Expected impacts are over-hyped…

As we are now all aware, Amazon is launching in Australia in 2018, with distribution facilities likely to be operational by 2018/19. The Australian market has all the key fundamentals for Amazon to make solid inroads. Australians already shop with Amazon – spending around $500 – $1 billion on Amazon businesses per year. Ebay has […]

The infrastructure projects building Australia and its property industry

Australia’s Federal Government Budget 2017-18 released in early May, presented quite a large number of infrastructure projects. Many of these are not new and in fact while $70 billion worth of projects are committed across Australia, new spending initiatives announced in this budget represent only a small percentage. Nonetheless, this $70 billion investment does represent a […]

Planning reform for Queensland commences 3 July

The Queensland Government has recently released the final piece of its planning reform puzzle, with the finalised Planning Regulation 2017 now publicly available. Queensland’s new planning legislation, which comes into effect on 3 July, will be supported by a suite of recently gazetted and released state interest instruments and promises to deliver a more simplified, […]

When it comes to growth, we are our own worst enemy

What proportion of Australia’s landmass is used by our cities? 20%? 10%? 5%? If that’s the case then the truth may shock you. Land use in Australia is closely monitored by the Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, a section of the Federal Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, using both the latest […]

‘Fast 5’ with Jeremy McKinnon – Senior Manager – Advisory

Jeremy McKinnon leads MacroPlan’s Advisory Services practice and is a senior property analyst with over 17 years of national and international experience.  Jeremy specialises in property economics, research and development advisory.  He is commercially focused with extensive due diligence and transaction experience.   What makes the Gold Coast an appealing destination for property investment?    […]