Geelong-Wyndham Strategic Directions Paper

Project name:  Geelong-Wyndham Strategic Directions Paper

Location:  Geelong-Wyndham Corridor (VIC)

Client:  City of Greater Geelong, Wyndham City Council

Brief:  The project was commissioned in response to Plan Melbourne and sought to outline the strategic responses of Geelong and Wyndham to the new direction laid out in Plan Melbourne. The two councils had discussed how they could potentially work together in addressing the major challenges they were facing – Wyndham’s being substantial population growth with a lack of employment opportunities, and Geelong’s being growing the ‘new economy’ in the context of manufacturing decline and the loss of iconic major employers (i.e. Ford, Shell, Alcoa)

Methodology:  The paper commenced with an analysis of Plan Melbourne, identifying the objectives and directions that are relevant to the corridor, focusing in particular on two key concepts: the Integrated Economic Triangle, and the State of Cities objective. This section also included a review of the municipalities’ relevant economic strategies.

After establishing the corridor’s strategic context, the piece looked at the current states of play in each of the municipalities. This involved identifying opportunities for growth and development, as well as threats to the future prosperity of Geelong and Wyndham.

MacroPlan then identified a set of possible strategies for each of the regions that would:

  • Deliver benefits to each municipality,
  • Satisfy objectives and directions of Plan Melbourne, and therefore maximise the prospect of receiving state government support.

Having done this, the paper made a set of recommendations as to the next steps the municipalities need to take in leveraging Plan Melbourne to bring benefits to the Geelong-Wyndham corridor.

Result:  MacroPlan delivered a document that dissected the state government planning strategy. It outlined a broad strategic direction for each council in response to Plan Melbourne, along with recommendations as to how the strategic vision can be implemented.

The document is intended to be used by the Councils as a tool in discussions with government departments and other groups that have an interest in investment or development within the Geelong-Wyndham corridor.