Kempsey – Pacific Highway By-Pass Strategy

Project name: Kempsey – Pacific Highway By-Pass Strategy (NSW)

Location:  Kempsey to Eungai

Client:  Kempsey Shire Council

Brief:  MacroPlan was engaged by the Kempsey Shire Council to prepare a post-approval strategy for the Kempsey to Eungai Pacific Highway Bypass.  The focus of the strategy was on the town of Kempsey and what measures were appropriate for it to follow in response to the bypass.

Methodology:  MacroPlan undertook the following tasks for the project:

  • A review of the Minister’s Conditional Approval for the roadworks, including an assessment of the completeness of the consent and the priority assigned to specific conditions, including a review of obligations imposed by the consent on Kempsey Shire Council;
  • A review of publicly available Development Application and assessment information relevant to the project, including assessment reports prepared by or on behalf of the Roads and Traffic Authority and the NSW Department of Planning;
  • A review of approaches taken by other towns in response to other highway bypasses; and
  • A consideration of potential funding sources that Council may be able to access to assist it in addressing the implications of the bypass.

More specifically, MacroPlan’s assessment of the implications of the bypass involved an investigation of the extent to which the following matters were considered in the assessment phase of the project and the extent to which the project approval addresses these issues:

  • The economic impacts associated with redirected traffic and potential trade catchment alterations;
  • Potential retail, tourism and other opportunities that might arise from improved traffic mobility conditions;
  • The potential for highway service centres (or highway service towns) to be established on or adjacent to the new highway route and the development of appropriate strategic and planning responses;
  • Potential changes to the Kempsey town centre retail hierarchy (including the potential for new out-of-centre opportunities);
  • Employment impacts (including mobility, job closure and job creation issues);
  • Marketing (and general information) implications for the town of Kempsey and surrounding districts;
  • Local infrastructure adjustments; and
  • Potential town planning implications regarding and permissible and desirable land uses associated with the road bypass and existing commercial/employment sites that may be trade affected.

Result:  MacroPlan identified a number of actions and priorities (including potential funding sources) to ensure that Kempsey Shire Council was prepared in its response to the construction phase and opening of the new highway upgrade.

MacroPlan prioritised a series of recommended actions for Council to pursue in response to the highway bypass.

Services:  Social and Economic impact assessment, literature review, case study analysis, strategy development, post-approval advice,