Leederville Town Centre

Location: Leederville (WA)

Brief:  The following deliverables were required as part the Leederville Structure Plan:

  1. Establish the future growth strategy for Leederville.
  2. Maintain and foster diverse economic and commercial activities.
  3. Ensure business opportunities are optimised through effective catalyst projects.
  4. Define clear character principles linked to protect and enhance main street tenancies and increase the amenity of the area.
  5. Analyse the current and potential development which then formed the basis of detailed employment and population projections.

Methodology:  A series of components where required by MacroPlan in order to address the key issues behind the Structure Plan, the following tasks where undertaken:

  1. Define centre boundary and trade area.
  2. Perform a population analysis and forecast.
  3. Identify and analyse the employment sectors within the activity centre.
  4. Examine the opportunity of land use diversity.
  5. Consultation on tenancy situations, mix, profiles and recommendations.
  6. Economic and commercial character review
  7. Overview of housing and development needs in regards to urban density
  8. Perform an activity centre access and recommendation review

Result:  MacroPlan’s comprehensive analysis and vigorous forecasting techniques ensured a high-quality report was produced and submitted to the City of Vincent as part of their Leederville Activity Centre Structure Plan and Retail Sustainability Assessment.                                                                                                                                          

The future growth trajectory for Leederville was established as well as systems put in place for the continued maintenance and safeguarding of the town’s commercial and economic activities.