University of New South Wales (UNSW) – Retail facilities masterplan

Location:  UNSW Kensington Campus

Client: University of New South Wales

Brief:  The UNSW is not only one of Australia’s leading universities, it is also one of the largest, with more than 45,000 students accommodated at its Kensington campus in Sydney. The study completed for UNSW was designed to assist the University in determining an optimal provision and distribution of retail facilities and services for the Kensington campus. The final report synthesised direct feedback from the key stakeholders in the campus (students and staff) with commercial understanding and analysis of retail centres and precincts, based on our extensive experience. The physical context of the campus and its surrounds, as well as the Campus Vision, were other important elements to take into account in determining the optimal strategy.

Methodology:  The research was undertaken through the Facilities Management division of the University, and extensive consultations with senior executives in facilities management were conducted during the course of the study. Online surveying of both students and staff, which achieved an excellent response rate, provided invaluable feedback to guide the study findings.

Result:  Since the completion of the study, the University has set about implementing its strategy for the optimal provision of retail facilities to best service the needs of all its stakeholders.