Wanda Beach Market Research

Project name:  Wanda Beach Market Research

Location:  Greenhills Beach, Sutherland Shire (NSW)

Client:  Australand Holdings Limited

Brief:  MacroPlan was commissioned by Australand to provide a market assessment of a new residential project at Greenhills Beach, near Cronulla in the Sutherland Shire.  The market assessment defined a market catchment for the project and profiled the target market (taking into consideration demographic and socio-economic characteristics, competitive context for housing in the area, price points and market positioning).  Our assessment also investigated a range of psychometric / values-based information about the identified target market through primary research.

Methodology:  The report was separated into three phases of research and analysis:

Phase 1: Catchment and traditional market analysis which defined a preliminary primary and secondary catchment for Greenhills Beach based on desktop analysis of demographic trends and market activity and provided the basis for the survey / focus group research;

Phase 2: Primary market research which involved a web-based survey of persons residing within the primary and secondary catchments identified in phase 1.  This survey investigated key buyer preferences and their socio-demographic profile and has helped to determine market size and possible price points;

Phase 3: Focus groups which involved a detailed investigation of key psychometric variables of a potential buyer group. The focus groups allowed a deeper interrogation into buyer perceptions, opinions and preferences, testing both attitudinal and emotional drivers of interest in Greenhills Beach.

Result:  MacroPlan’s market reconnaissance helped to define a realistic catchment for the Greenhills Beach estate which was split between a specific local primary catchment and inland secondary catchment. MacroPlan’s desktop and primary market research also assisted in defining the profile of likely buyers and their estate preferences.  MacroPlan also identified a number of key marketing suggestions.

As of January 2014, 90% of all homesites at Greenhills have been sold.

Services:  Catchment and traditional market analysis, Primary market research, Focus groups, web-based survey, desktop analysis,