Wilton Junction Economic Development and Employment Strategy

Project name:  Wilton Junction Economic Development and Employment Strategy

Location:  Wilton Junction is located within the Wollondilly Local Government Area, (NSW)

Client:  Wilton Land Owner Group

Brief:  MacroPlan had been commissioned by the Wilton Land Owner Group to undertake a series of reports to inform the housing and employment needs of the Wilton Junction new township.

Methodology:  This report referred to our previous findings with respect to potential employment drivers for Wilton Junction and explored the key strategic directives that will assist in delivering the nominated number of jobs for the locality.

We did this by:

  • Reviewing key employment background and strategy documents that have been prepared for the Wollondilly LGA and during the earlier master plan process for Wilton Junction.
  • Reviewing various state strategies and plans to decipher their implications for Wilton junction and the Wollondilly LGA.
  • Considering a range of economic/employment development strategies from around the country including metropolitan and regional locations.
  • Presenting an understanding of key employment drivers relevant to the Wollondilly LGA that will impact the take-up of employment opportunity at Wilton Junction over time.
  • Outlining the key employment challenges for the district.
  • Identifying key employment levers and corresponding policy triggers that will assist in securing achievement of the projected employment outcomes for Wilton Junction.

Result:  The economic and employment strategies provided reflected the unique locational attributes of Wilton Junction as a stand-alone township. The strategies are intended to allow Wilton Junction to develop as a distinct community that is able to support its own employment and service needs and to trade beyond its local borders.

Key words: Housing and employment needs, new township, strategic directives, employment drivers, employment challenges and opportunities.

Services: Literature review, Employment trends and forecasts, Employment Strategy