Spatial analysis

MacroPlan has expertise in the use of GIS as a business analysis tool.  Mapping or spatial analysis of the factors impacting the current or future performance of a business, Governments and other organisations is critical to developing an understanding of the potential demand for services or facilities within a region.

Through the implementation of spatial analysis, MacroPlan can provide clients with the ability to understand the relationship between:-

  • customers and demand for retail stores or centres,
  • demographic profile of an area and demand for aged care/retirement facilities,
  • residential land supply analysis based on purchasers in a region,
  • the interrelationship between competing land uses, residential development and demand for retail/commercial facilities,
  • transport infrastructure and the impact it may cause on demand for services activities.

MacroPlan staff are experienced across all property sectors, and through the use of spatial/GIS analysis techniques, can significantly improve understanding of a future operating environment.

The Australian Infrastructure Plan was released last week. With its broad range of city-shaping objectives for the next 15 years, the plan includes a list of major infrastructure priorities for the country which provides insight for our clients about the direction the government is taking and the opportunities this creates for investment.

In the coming weeks, we will be making contact with clients to suggest ways in which you can use the Infrastructure Plan to enhance your business objectives. MacroPlan has been closely studying the recommendations and priorities laid out in the Plan. We believe there are some very exciting potential avenues for growth, and encourage you to discuss these with us.