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Western Australia E-News – February

Message from the GM

Welcome to the first edition of MacroPlan’s Western Australian E-News. As a company that works across the nation, we hope that issues and stories involving each state are of interest to our clients across the board.  But we also know that sometimes it can feel that you’d like just a little more attention to what’s going on where you are.  As a response to this, MacroPlan will now be distributing a regular e-newsletter focused on the WA market. If you have any objections receiving these insights, please unsubscribe below.  Please also get in touch if you would like to further discuss any of the articles enclosed or if you are interested in understanding more around property and development opportunities in WA.

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Why Western Australian’s are ‘touchy’ about the GST

In 2016/17, Western Australia received back 30 cents in every dollar of GST collected across the State; the other 70 cents were redistributed to the weaker* economic states and territories – Northern Territory, Tasmania, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT (*Note: ‘weaker’ according to the Commonwealth Grants Commission GST distribution formula). The two largest states, New South Wales and Victoria, were also net providers of GST grants.

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A sense of (economic) scale

Australia’s economy ranks the 13th largest in the world right between Russia and Spain, but how do the states measure up? What if each of Australia’s states and territories was its own separate country?

The three largest state economies – New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland –would each rank in the world’s top fifty. Western Australia would be 56th and South Australia 72nd.

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MacroPlan Project Profile: Yagan Square – Perth’s new food, dining and entertainment agora

The Perth CBD landscape has undergone much re-sculpturing in recent years. To the south, the CBD meets the Swan River at Elizabeth Quay, the new waterfront precinct of Perth; while to the north, the Perth City Link redevelopment is reconnecting the City with the neighbouring Northbridge area.

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Autropolis video series with Brian Haratsis: What will be the social benefits for consumers utilising automated vehicles?

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